We're the Caving Crew!

A bunch of supportive, friendly people who like to encourage each other to cave and eat cake.

Extra-Welcoming Trips

We run regular Extra-Welcoming "Giggletrips" to help introduce you to the Crew and to Caving. These trips are well suited to those brand new to caving, those new to the Crew who want to get a feel for us before joining, and those who want to retry caving after a long break.

Horizontal Trips

We run regular Horizontal Caving trips.

These are typically most enjoyed by people who've been caving with us before.

SRT Trips

SRT (or Single Rope Technique) is the main method that cavers use to traverse vertical distances within the cave. These trips require at least the ability ascend, descend with an awareness of changeovers - but can involve complicated and arduous SRT.

Some form of SRT training beforehand is mandatory.

Weekend Trips

Every month, we run weekend trips to Caving huts and regions around the country. Usually we stay in a hut for two days and go caving during the day.

Typically these are best for people we've caved with before.


Getting membership to the Crew makes it easier and cheaper to access all the trips we do and will take 2 minutes to sign up for.

Social Events

We run social events with The Social Clan to help everyone relax and get to know each other. Check out the facebook group to find out about ad-hoc events.

Training Trips

Want to learn SRT? Horizontal Cave Navigation? How to find your way through a cave? Rigging?

We run regular training trips and events to help you level up. These trips are only available to those with Membership.

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