SRT Training 11/11

We're heading to  some Peak District Training Caves  near Castleton
This is an introduction to SRT starting right at the start. The aim is to get a basic degree of competence at SRT.
When: Friday 11 November at 10:30 am
Members Price: £11
Minimum skills: Must have caved with us before at some point
This trip is only accessible to those with Crew Membership due to  the amount of effort it takes to organise these trips.

Join the waiting list and recieve an email when places are available

Caving Crew members get a discount off the usual price for this trip.

Getting Crew Membership is quick, easy and much cheaper than you think and will pay for itself. Take a look?

About the trip

This is ideal for people who've been caving with us a few times, and are eager to push further and do more interesting and challenging trips.
We'll spend the morning and early afternoon in a pleasant training cave, before surfacing, having lunch and heading to another cave to put these skills to some use in a "real" setting.

Tim Dobson will be leading this trip. There won't be more than 4 of us on the trip.

Everyone will work together to make the trip happen - from sharing lifts, organising kit, bringing kit, posting on Facebook or sharing how it went afterwards - everyone will contribute.
What you're paying goes towards

  • All Cave Access fees
  • BCA Insurance
  • Equipment hire and maintenance
  • Club running costs and reducing club debt
We're huge fans of getting young people into caving, but sadly this trip is for over 18s only
We  love dogs, but sadly they're not welcome on this trip
What to bring


When will we get back?

We're aiming to be out of the cave before 18:30. The faster we get in, the faster we get out. We may well be out sooner.

What should I expect?

We will arrive at the location together and get you the equipment you need. This is the best time to try on this kit and make sure we get the right size.

We'll walk to the cave and explore it together. It is a 2 minute walk to the cave from the cars.

The cave contains some crouched passages, some walking passages. You will have a powerful headtorch so it will be quite bright. The group will be together and there will be much laughter and possibly swearing. It will be fun.

Will I be scared?

Maybe. Sometimes new different things are scary. But we'll be supporting and encouraging you to take things at your pace the entire time. This about having fun and having each others back. Whether you're nervous or loving it, we've got your back.

What about the rain or wind or cold?

Doesn't matter - it will happen anyway.

The temperature in the cave is cooler than the outside temperature at the moment - about 13C. You'll be well dressed and there'll be no wind.

Should I bring lunch?

Yes. Bring a packed lunch, which we'll eat on the surface.

Kit List

normal text: things you definitely need
italic: optional things you might like to have

Basic Caving Clothing

Part of the cost includes hiring use of the special equipment you'll use. Here's what you should bring:

  • Some warm older/less nice clothes to wear as a base layer underneath the caving-specific clothes we will provide. Some examples
    • Fleece jumpers
    • Leggings
    • Thermal base layers
    • Outdoorsy t-shirts

Avoid anything made from cotton or untreated wool (such as t-shirts or wooly jumpers); synthetic fabrics that keep their warmth when wet work best here. You will be provided with a thick fleece layer and a protective outer layer to wear over this, so if all you have is cotton you’re better going without.

  • Change of socks/underwear/replacement clothing. Anything you wear into the cave will likely be too wet and dirty to wear afterwards in the car, so make sure you have spare clothes for the drive home.
  • Wellies (we do have spares if necessary, but the sizes and stock are limited). These aren't special wellies - £12 wellies from go-outdoors or sparkling pink wellies with fur linings are great for caving.
  • Towel
  • Any important medicines you take
  • Contact lenses or string for your glasses.
  • A full sealed snack you enjoy eating (eg a mars bar)

What will I be borrowing?

If you don't already have them:

  • Caving Oversuit to go over your undersuit
  • Caving Undersuit to go underneath your oversuit
  • Caving Helmet with Caving Headtorch and fully charged Batteries
  • Wellies

We'll also be carrying the appropriate group equipment.

Vague Schedule

When: Friday 11 November at 10:30 am
Meeting location: 
Here's the pin near Castleton

Training Plans


People arrive.
We get changed
Trip leader checks everything and we have a chat
We go caving
We return to the surface for lunch
We head into a different cave
We return to surface and go home
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