Hello, and welcome to The Caving Crew!

We are a friendly and welcoming caving club with the aim of introducing people to the sport of caving, and encouraging those of us who already cave - with all varying levels of frequency!

So - what can you expect from us?

👉 Frequent Caving trips

👉 Training and preparedness exercises

👉 Monthly "extra welcoming" trips for people new to caving

👉 Joint socials with The Climbing Clan

👉 Weekend trips around every 2 months

All of this comes with the added perks of meeting great people, occasionally eating cake, and sometimes even doing both at the same time!

If you want to get involved the best way is to...

Become a Member!

If you're not sure if caving or is something you're interested in - or you just want to meet The Caving Crew and see what we're all about, why not join us on...

New to caving?

We run regular trips for those new to caving, and for those eager to give it a go.

All the equipment you need is included, and you're welcome to come and give it a try.

If you're still not sure about anything, why not join our Facebook group to get a taste of what being a part of The Caving Crew is all about. Hopefully we'll see you below ground soon!

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